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The Chipmunk Pyrography Art wood burning

Oct 23, 2015 | | 4 comments
chipmunk wood burning pyrography bmj

THE CHIPMUNK Material used:  Basswood Size:  5 1/2 x 11 Time: 6 3/4 hours After working on a couple of birds I wanted to move on from feathers and try my hand at fur.  I love chipmunks because they are so cute.  When we use to go backpacking it always amazed me at how those […more]

The Pheasant Pyrography Art wood burning

Oct 16, 2015 | | Say something
pheasant wood burning pyrography bmj

THE PHEASANT Material used:  Bass Wood store-bought Size:  11 x 14 Time: 19 hours My father-in-law loves to hunt, so for his Christmas present I decided to wood burn a pheasant.  Yes, another practice piece slash gift.   Pheasant’s are a pretty bird with wonderful coloring and I thought it would be fun to try […more]

The Bald Eagle Pyrography Art wood burning

Oct 9, 2015 | | Say something
bald eagle wood burning pyrography bmj

THE BALD EAGLE Material used:  Bass Wood Size:  8 x 17 Time: 20 ½ hours My brother-in-law loves bald eagles and years ago had asked me to draw him one.   Since I needed pyrography practice, and was looking for possible Christmas presents, the bald eagle became the perfect subject. This particular subject presented technical problems […more]

Zelda’s Link pyrography art wood burning

Oct 2, 2015 | | Say something
Zelda's Link

ZELDA’S LINK CHARACTER completed September 2014 Material used:  Thin wood Plaque Size:  11 x 5 I had decided that for Christmas I would create some pyrography art for gifts.  This would serve two functions:  a) items to practice with and b) gifts to give.   I had several store-bought wooden plaques and decided that they would […more]