2019 Draw It / Win It Contest Winner Announced

This is just a quick blog to announce the winner of my first annual Draw It / Win It Contest.   I would like to thank everyone who entered my contest.  There were some amazing drawings and I had a tough time deciding a winner.

Todd helped me go through the entries and we picked the drawing by David Denton.  

To watch the video announcement of the winning entry, then click on the image to the left.




David has a YouTube channel, David Denton Art.  To view his channel just click on the image to the left.



This is the winning drawing that I will be creating a pyrography version of.  The artwork will become a part of my Christmas Postcard series.

I plan for this to be a yearly event, so you have lots of time to plan your drawing for the 2020 contest.  I hope to see your entry.


Nov 1, 2019


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