Pyrography Contest – 2020 Draw It / Win It Contest

It’s time for my annual Draw It / Win It contest.   The winning artwork will be added to my Christmas Postcards series.  I enjoy creating artwork for the series, but sometimes I have troubles coming up with new designs.  That’s where you come in.  I’m asking you to design a Christmas or winter scene line drawing.  I will turn the winning line drawing into pyrography artwork.   Plus, the winner will receive the actual wood burning I create of their drawing! 

Click on the image to the left to watch a video version explaining the contest.

Contest theme:  Christmas or winter scene

What to enter:  Line drawing

Time frame to enter:  Oct 20, 2020 – Nov 20, 2020

The rules:

  • Anyone can enter
  • One entry per person
  • Must be your own original non-copyrighted drawing
  • Must be a line drawing
  • Paintings, completed artwork, or photographs based on the line drawing can be submitted along with the line drawing
  • Paintings, completed artwork, or photographs submitted without a line drawing will not be accepted
  • Postcards are small, so try to keep the size around 5 X 7 inches (12.7 x 18 cm)
  • Be willing for your drawing to be on my website available for anyone to download and use free of charge.
  • Be willing for me to create videos and blogs of the artwork I create based on the your drawing

How to enter:

Submit a photo, screen shot, or scan of your line drawing by November 20, 2020 to:


The winner:

Will be announced November 30, 2020

Will receive recognition on both my website and YouTube channel

Will receive the original artwork.    

I will strive to complete the artwork by the end of December, but only promise to have it ready to ship by the end of January 2021.

I ship using the US Postal Service, and will only shipped to countries they allow.   

International winners please note that the artwork will be declared as a gift on customs paperwork.


What I’m looking for:

A line drawing that I can use as a pattern to trace onto the board I’ll be burning on.   The drawing needs to be unique or different from the Christmas postcards I have already done.





I do not want finished artwork or photographs of real objects.

You can include a picture of your final artwork based on the line drawing.

If you submit artwork without an accompanying line drawing the entry won’t be accepted.





The below composite photo shows all of the line drawings in the series so far.


Nativity scene, stocking filled with goodies, Santa in a sleigh, Santa with a bag of toys, festive table centerpiece, wreath, flying dove with a peace banner, etc. 

I’m would also welcome images that represent your religion or way of celebrating the holiday.  If there is a story behind the image I would love to know it and would love to share it if your drawing is chosen.   I think one benefit of this platform is the opportunity to share cultures and traditions.  Or as I like to think of it, it’s an opportunity for me to learn more about the world and the people who live on it.

2019 Winners:

David Denton was the winner of the 2019 Draw It / Win It contest.   I really liked the winter scene David drew as it had a lot of possibilities for transforming into pyrography.

David has a YouTube channel and here’s a link to it:

I ended up using a couple more submissions from the 2019 contest.  Since these were not the official winners, I didn’t get the artwork completed until this last summer.  I do not promise that I will chose more than one drawing from the 2020 entries.

Happy Angel submitted this Snowlady drawing.  I loved the cute and whimsical look it has.   Plus, I had fun creating the art and adding color. 

Happy Angel is another person who has a YouTube channel and here’s a link to it:



The last design I picked was submitted by Tejaa’s.  I really liked how unique the image was, and I really like mandala drawings.  As you can see I did have to alter the image a bit so it would work with the board I was using.

Tejaa also has a Youtube channel and here’s the link:


All of the artwork in the series so far:

For your easy reference, below are images of past Christmas Postcards.  Remember, I’m looking for something with a different design than what has been already created.

Winter’s Snowman
Candy Canes







Jingle Bells
Holly Candle











Star Bright
Wrapped Up










Ornamental Glow


David’s Winter Scene
Happy Angel’s Snowlady
Tejaa’s Mandala Christmas

4 thoughts on “Pyrography Contest – 2020 Draw It / Win It Contest

  1. Hi Brenda! Can I use a piece of basswood that is only 1/16″ thick? Or will it have problems being that thin? I am wanting to use a wood burning tool to add some text on a wood background that I am hoping will fit in a frame. The text is rather bold, but small. This is my first pyrography project so I’m nervous to start! Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Christina,
      the problem with working with something that thin is that the wood will most likely bow or bend over time. Does this mean you shouldn’t use it? I say go for it even though the wood will probably bow down the road. The reason for this attitude is that you are gaining experience and why waste the wood…unless you have other plans for it.

  2. How wonderful your pyrography artwork display is, easy in explanation, attractive in performance and encourage others to get involved
    Many thanks
    Hussein Kazak

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