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This is listing of all of the articles I have written organized by date.   Click on a title to view the blog.  I left pictures out as I figured this would help the page load faster.  Let me know if you think pictures are needed. 

If the title ends with:  Art = the blog is me talking about the art I created.   Tutorial = blog explains how to create the art.   Info = general information about pyrography, but not related to one piece of artwork.  Review = my opinion about some item

Baby Eye Portrait – Jan 7, 2020

Michele Parson Leather Pyrography Book Review –  Dec 27, 2019

Sepia Tone and Grey Value Finder – Dec 20, 2019

Dark Borders and Straight Lines – Dec 13, 2019

Mandarin Duck – Nov 12, 2019

Butterfly Book – Oct 25, 2019

Halloween Word 2019 Collab – Oct 11, 2019

When Is Pyrography Done? – Sept 20, 2019

Simon Easton Yearn To Burn Book Review – Sep 6, 2019

Minisa Robinson Realistic Animals Book Review – Aug 30, 2019

Build a Pen Tip Holder – Aug 23, 2019

Leaping Trout Tutorial – July 12, 2019

Stylized Rose Tutorial – June 21, 2019

Ocean Crashing Waves Tutorial – Jun 7, 2019

Build a Hand Sander Info – May 31, 2019

Davy’s Dragon Art – May 24, 2019

Bobcat Tutorial – May 10, 2019

Fixing Mistakes Info – Apr 19, 2019

Covered Bridge Tutorial – Apr 12, 2019

Dragonborn on Wood Art – Mar 29, 2019

Letter Textures P2 Tutorial – Mar 22, 2019

Globes & Grapes Tutorial – Mar 15, 2019

How to get Gradient Shading Info – Feb 26, 2019

Nevsky Cathedral Art – Feb 15, 2019

Letter Textures P1 Tutorial – Feb 8, 2019

Quail Art – Feb 1, 2019

Mushroom Art – Jan 18, 2019

White Crowned Sparrow Bird Tutorial – Jan 4, 2019

Zinogre Render Art – Dec 21, 2018

Ornamental Glow Christmas Postcard Tutorial – Dec 7, 2018

Colwood Super Pro II Review/Info – Nov 23, 2018

Lizard Face Tutorial – Nov 9, 2018

Mustang Island Chart Art – Oct 26, 2018

Cradle Board Comparison Info – Oct 12, 2018

High Heel Tutorial – Sept 28, 2018

The Snail Art – Sept 14, 2018

Using Watercolor Grounds Info – Aug 31, 2018

Dragonborn on leather Art – Aug 3, 2018

Skyrim Logo on leather Art – Jul 20, 2018

Lora Irish Book Review – Jul 16, 2018

Purple Iris Flower Tutorial – Jul 6, 2018

Resizing & Using Photos Info – Jun 8, 2018

Dewy Leaf mp4 Tutorial – Jun 1, 2018

Misty Marina Art – May 18, 2018

Cleaning Pen Tip Info – May 11, 2018

BBQ Chips Ornament Art – May 4, 2018

Seashells mp3 Tutorial – Apr 27, 2018

Hummingbirds Art – Apr 20, 2018

Wrapped Up cp6 Tutorial – Apr 13, 2018

Wolf on leather Art – Apr 6, 2018

Denim Fabric mp2 Tutorial – Mar 30, 2018

Northern Flicker Woodpecker Bird Tutorial – Mar 16, 2018

Butterfly Dreams Tutorial – Mar 10, 2018

Anaconda Snake Art – Mar 9, 2018

Lion on leather Art – Mar 2, 2018

Mountain Lake mp1 Tutorial – Feb 23, 2018

Water Lily Flower Tutorial – Feb 16, 2018

Colwood Pen Tips Info – Feb 9, 2018

Tree Frog Art – Feb 2, 2018

Valentine Plaque Tutorial – Jan 26, 2018

Purple House Finch Bird Tutorial – Jan 19, 2018

Maggie & Matthew Portrait Art – Jan 12, 2018

Smooth & Burn Leather Info – Jan 5, 2018

Deer & Fish on Leather Art – Dec 29, 2017

Pika Art – Dec 15, 2017

Star Bright cp5 Tutorial – Dec 8, 2017

Mandala III Tutorial – Dec 1, 2017

Holly Candle cp4 Tutorial – Nov 17, 2017

Old Truck Art – Nov 10, 2017

Ranunculus Flower Tutorial – Nov 3, 2017

Lotus Goddess Art – Oct 27, 2017

Nuthatch Bird Tutorial – Oct 20, 2017

Happy Halloween Sign Tutorial – Oct 13, 2017

Leather Bookmark Tutorial – Sep 29,  2017

Golden Eagle Art – Sep 22, 2017

Celtic Knot & Rose Tutorial – Sept 15, 2017

Caribbean Crab Art – Sep 8, 2017

Scrub Jay Bird Tutorial – Sep 3, 2017

Eagle Owl Art – Aug 25, 2017

Trillium Flower Tutorial – Aug 5, 2017

Christ of the Mines Art – Jul 26, 2017

Bengal Tiger Tutorial – Jul 21, 2017

Pheasant on Oak Barrel Art – Jul 14, 2017

Jingle Bells cp3 Tutorial – Jul 1, 2017

Garden Thief Squirrel Art – Jun 23, 2017

Apple Blossoms Tutorial – June 17, 2017

Trout Cribbage Board Art – Jun 11, 2017

Entwined Seahorses Tutorial – Jun 4, 2017

Dragonfly Art – May 26, 2017

Mandala II Tutorial – May 20, 2017

Using the Shader Tutorial – May 14, 2017

Cedar Creek Gristmill Art – May 5, 2017

Owl on box Tutorial – Apr 29, 2017

Collared Lizard Art – Apr 21, 2017

Yellow Lab Puppy Tutorial – Apr 15, 2017

Cow Daddy Art – Mar 31, 2017

Meerkat Art – Mar 25, 2017

Create Mandala Pattern Tutorial – Mar 18, 2017

Mandala Flower Tutorial – Mar 7, 2017

Deer/Trout Cribbage Board Art – Mar 2, 2017

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse Tutorial – Feb 24, 2017

Pelican Bird Art – Feb 17, 2017

Gazania Flower Tutorial – Feb 11, 2017

Cherub of Love Tutorial – Jan 31, 2017

Valentine Hearts Tutorial – Jan 27, 2017

Acorns on Leather Art – Jan 7, 2017

Skye’s Portrait Art – Dec 30,  2016

Candy Canes cp2 Tutorial – Dec 23, 2016

Doves on a Wire Art – Dec 18,  2016

Winter Snowman cp1 Tutorial – Dec 11, 2016

Whimsical Butterfly on drum Art – Dec 4, 2016

Deer Tutorial – Nov 27, 2016

Eagle on gunstock Art – Nov 12, 2016

Vista House Tutorial – Oct 30, 2016

Deer on Gunstock Art – Oct 22, 2016

Studio Setup Info – Oct 16, 2016

Cratered Moon Tutorial – Oct 9,  2016

Thunderbird Mask Art – Sep 25, 2016

Baby Claire Art – Sep 9,  2016

Simplify the Subject Info – Sep 3, 2016

Petunia Flower Tutorial – Aug 19, 2016

Water Droplet Tutorial – July 17,  2016

Trinket Box Tutorial – July 7, 2016

Apple Tutorial – May 31, 2016

Wood Finishes Info – May 23,  2016

Mandala Flute Art – May 17, 2016

Wagon Wheel Tutorial – Apr 24, 2016

Bald Eagle portrait Art – Apr 6, 2016

The Rose Tutorial – Mar 23, 2016

Ladybug Flute Art – Mar 13,  2016

Doodle Trinket Box Art – Mar 6, 2016

Abstract Dragonfly Tutorial – Feb 29,  2015

The Feather Tutorial – Feb 21, 2016

3D Sandstone Texture Tutorial – Feb 11, 2016

Lab Puppies on Drum Art – Feb 6, 2016

Barn Owl Art – Jan 23, 2016

Gingerbread House Tutorial – Jan 16, 2016

Transferring Patterns (stamp, iron, trace) Info – Dec 30, 2015

Wood Types & Prepping Wood Info – Dec 19, 2015

Getting Started in Pyrography Info – Nov 27, 2015

Why I hate burning on Oak – Nov 23, 2015

Paige’s Cat on Drum Art – Nov 14, 2015

The Heart Box Art – Nov 1, 2015

The Chipmunk Art – Oct 23, 2015

The Pheasant Art – Oct 16, 2015

The Bald Eagle Art – Oct 9, 2015

Zelda’s Link Art – Oct 2, 2015

Rose Fairy Art – Sept 24, 2015

The Beginning: Tongue Drums Art – Sept 20, 2015

21 thoughts on “Blog Index

  1. I have been watching you do a pelican on utube and the pen you are using looks like an awl single piece of steel would you be able to tell me what tip that is ? I have looked at all of the Colwood tips and can not find it thank you, Mike

  2. l love your woodburning! beautiful work. I am new to wood burning,and I am purchasing some of the colwood pens that you mention in your videos, like the LRW,SRW,J,D,SRS. which ones need to be bent on a 45 degree angle and or polished.I am confused when I look at their website. Can you help me on this.

    1. Hi James,
      thank for the compliment. If you click on one of the pen tips on Colwood’s site, there will be some drop down boxes to the right with options available for the pen tip. It is from those boxes that you can see what options are available.
      The LRW & SRW I have no experience using, so I can’t tell you if it would be better to get the pen tip bent or not.
      The J & D I would recommend having them bent.
      The SRS comes pre-bent and polished, so you have no options with this one.

      As for getting the tips polished, that is really a matter of choice. It makes the pen tip glide across the surface of the wood easier and they are easier to clean. If you want to pay the premium for polished tips, go for it. I don’t consider polishing an essential feature. Unless you’re going to burn on leather. After using polished tips on leather, I wouldn’t use anything else. I have a set of tips that are polished and I only use them on leather.
      Hope that helps.

  3. I was so pleased to find the blog on cribbage boards. I have been wanting to make cribbage boards and burn on them for a long time, but I’m just not sure about how to accomplish the building process and get it right (looking good). Has your husband done a blog or video on the building process? Thanks, Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Todd bought plans from a wood working site, so they are not something he can legally share. I did a quick internet search with the terms “how to build a cribbage board” and several blogs pulled up. Plus there are several youtube videos on the subject, so you are bound to find the answers you are seeking.

  4. Brenda bom dia!
    Primeiramente quer agradecer pela atenção.
    Mas, preciso de suaajuda para escolher o Kit que vou comprar.
    Qual melhor opção: com canetas fixas ou removíveis?
    Como posso te enviar uma foto de um trabalho meu para avaliar.
    E a respeito de curso aí nos EUA porque devo visitar meu irmão em NJ e gostaria de aproveitar e fazer algum curso.

    1. Bom dia Fernando,
      Não usei muito as pontas fixas da caneta. Para mim, elas parecem iguais às substituíveis, além de ocuparem mais espaço para guardar. A Colwood oferece polimento de ponta de caneta, algo que não acho necessário, a menos que você planeje queimar em couro. Eu só uso as pontas polidas no couro. Eu recomendo que Colwood dobre suas pontas da caneta shader para que elas sejam mais confortáveis ​​de usar.
      Quanto às aulas, eu conferia com clubes locais de escultura em madeira ou lojas que vendem suprimentos para escultura em madeira. Eles podem direcionar você para as aulas na área.
      Não avalio obras de arte, mas gosto de ver o trabalho de outros artistas. Meu e-mail é:

      (Good morning Fernando,
      I haven’t used the fixed pen tips very much. To me they seem the same as the replaceable other than they take more room to store. Colwood offers pen tip polishing which is something I don’t think is necessary unless you plan to burn on leather. I only use the polished tips on leather. I do recommend having Colwood bend your shader pen tips so they are more comfortable to use.
      As for classes, I would check with local wood carving clubs or stores that sell wood carving supplies. They might be able to direct you to classes in the area.
      I don’t evaluate artwork, but I do love to look at other artists work. My email is:

        1. Estou feliz por ter ajudado. Você é um artista incrível e eu sei que você estará criando obras de arte pirográficas incríveis em pouco tempo!

          (I’m glad you helped. You are an amazing artist and I know you will be creating amazing pyrographic artwork in no time!)

  5. Boa noite! Meu nome é Fernando Costa, sou do Brasil e me interessei por pirografia já algum tempo. Eu mesmo fiz meu pirógrafo. Porém, tenho dificuldades com as canetas. Sempre dão problemas. Meu irmão mora em New Jersey e pedi para comprar o mesmo pirógrafo que vc usa. Tem 1 kit com maleta super pro de luxo.
    Quero uma ajuda, compro com canetas fixas ou Móveis.
    Agradeço e aproveito para lhe dar os parabéns pelos lindos trabalhos.
    E se puder me indicar um curso aí nos EUA.

    1. Hola Fernando,
      Obrigado pelo elogio. Isso é muito impressionante, você cria sua própria máquina de pirografia. Eu nao poderia fazer aquilo.
      Estou usando o google translate, por isso espero que funcionou corretamente.
      A Colwood vende diretamente e envia para o exterior. Aqui está um link para o site:
      Além disso, eles garantirão que o queimador seja compatível com o seu poder.
      Existem várias pessoas no YouTube, inclusive eu, que fornecem tutoriais em vídeo gratuitos.
      Richy Coelho, é outro artista de pirografia no YouTube. Ele fala português e tem uma página no facebook no idioma. Seu canal no YouTube é:
      Ele tem um link para sua página do facebook em seu canal.
      Espero que isso ajude. Brenda

      (Thank you for the compliment. That’s very impressive you make your own pyrography machine. I could not do that.
      I’m using google translate, so hopefully it worked correctly.
      Colwood sells direct and will ship overseas. Here is a link to their website:
      Plus they will make sure the burner is compatible with your power.
      There are several people on YouTube, including myself, who provide free video tutorials.
      Richy Coelho, is another pyrography artist on YouTube. He speaks Portuguese and has a facebook page in the language. His YouTube channel is:
      He has a link to his facebook page on his channel.
      Hopefully this helps.)

  6. I am just learning pyrography and found you through your YouTube channel. I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Welcome to the world of pyrography! It’s a wonderful medium to work in and I really hope that you will enjoy it. I’ve gotten where I work almost exclusively in pyrography.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Have fun creating pyrography art!

  7. I am really impressed by your work and if you send news letters I would like to be on your list. I am 77 and have been doing this for about a year and still have lots to learn. Thank You.

    1. Hi Ronald,
      thank you very much. My hobby has become a passion and I really enjoy sharing it with others.
      How exciting that you are learning the art of pyrography. It’s a lot of fun and there are so many things you can do with it, and I continue to learn new things about the artform on a regular basis.

      When you left a comment there was an option (box to click) that enables the subscribing feature. From there wordpress sends you an email confirming that you want to subscribe. Click yes to the email and you will get all of my future blogs delivered to your email.

      Thank you for the nice comments and I hope you have a lot of fun with pyrography.

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