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The first 3 videos are by Richy Coelho.  From left to right – 1) Using free online photo editors,  2) Using free online photo layering, 3) very basic introduction to getting started in pyrography. 

Richy, thank you for allowing me to put a link to your videos on my website.





Pyrography Made Easy videos below










































































































































































































































































































































































































8 thoughts on “YouTube

  1. Hi Brenda, Turkey Greetings from Istanbul quite like and I follow your work, taking pleasure unfortunately began an art learned recently gonna get yet a lot of information from the environment, but I found you while investigating and I’m so glad I learned to do many photos I could watch over and over again, of course, working very hard, especially animals There are some themes that I especially wanted to learn and couldn’t do anyway. A snowy landscape picture. The transitional snow between the weeds and the bushes on the trees and the trees in the back. It would be great if you share such a work. I wish you a beautiful, happy and healthy new year.

    Picture I couldn’t do 🙁

    1. Hello. Greetings to you.
      I’m glad my website and tutorials are helpful.
      Doing a snowy cabin scene is on my list of things to do.
      I personally don’t like to use other people’s artwork because that could cause copyright issues. I will search for an appropriate image to use that could serve to answer your questions and others I’ve gotten. Just be aware that I don’t work fast and there are a lot of steps involved in making tutorials. I would estimate it will be months (3 or more) before I would have a tutorial available.

  2. Hi I’m just starting out but all of your stuff and the you the tools that you use I don’t have any of that kind of stuff I got a basic burner pen it looks like a soldering pen with three tiny little brass tips that screw in and out 1 is 21 is blunch and one looks like a an iron like it’s it’s pointy and flares out kind of actually like a Star Wars Star Destroyer you know the Big Spaceship things and so I have I can’t I’m not really able to like follow you on what you’re doing and I feel really stupid I mean this is something I’ve always wanted to do and I don’t really have a lick of artistic talent whatsoever but stencils are a wonderful thing I guess I can trace and I can follow the lines and I mean real bad health for my age and I just I it’s something I really want to do but I’ve looked into the equipment that you have and you know similar and man it’s really expensive you know I got my little start up kit for $10 off of Amazon but I can’t seem to find any instructional booklets or anything on how to use it and I’m just making a mess like I try to draw something or burn something on wood and it just jumps all over the place like you know trying to take a pen to Wood. if you could maybe point me in the direction of finding some instructional that’s more my speed that would be greatly appreciated I I just wow you’re really good and that’s like very intimidating and I just feel really stupid now here I am with my little Amazon pin and you know you got something that works miracles and his wonderful and I don’t know I’m lost and I just really wanted to be able to do this I really do and I can’t seem to find any kind of instruction anywhere that’s all. Thank you for your time and you’re a wonderful wonderful artist I could only dream of becoming that good thank you for your time and your wonderful app and beautiful Creations that you have shared.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Welcome to the world of pyrography. I love this medium and I really hope that you will too. Pyrography can seem a little overwhelming at first, but you have the most important characteristic and that is desire. You can create amazing artwork with the burner you have. If you have a temperature control on your burner that will make it easier to control and get tan colors, but you don’t have to have one.

      I’m not sure what you’re burning on, but it’s very important to prepare the wood for burning. The wood needs to be thoroughly sanded with at least 220 grit sandpaper, then mist the board with water, let it dry (you’ll notice the board gets very rough feeling), once dry sand it again. Now you have a super ultra smooth board that won’t snag the pen tips. Or put another way, the pen tips will be able to glide over the surface of the board easier.

      Also don’t press the tips down hard on the wood surface; let them glide over the surface of the wood. The goal is to burn the wood, not engrave it.

      There are several people on YouTube and the internet who use soldering iron type of burners and they create fantastic work. Below are a few I can think of and they are in order of difficulty starting with the easiest of the three.

      Belle of Super Woodburning Tutorials is a great source for beginner work and most of her stuff is done with a soldering iron type of burner. Plus, near as I can tell, she doesn’t have a temperature control on it. I think she would be a perfect place for you to start as you get familiar with what your burner can do. Her Youtube channel:

      Lora Irish is a great pyrography artist who uses stippling (dots), lines, swirls, and other simple burn strokes layered over each other to build up the color and texture of the artwork. I think Lora’s style of artwork is very distinctive and her style is a lot easier to learn than the gradient shading I tend to do.

      Minisa Robinson is another really good pyrography artist. She is also on youtube and she uses a soldering iron style of burner in most of her work. She does primarily animal artwork that is very realistic looking. Her style is a bit more advance, but will provide good challenges when you’re ready. Her Youtube channel:

      I hope this helps. Don’t get discouraged. Learning pyrography takes a little time to discover how to use the pen tips, what tips work best for you, what temperature setting to use, etc. The important part is to try and have fun while you’re burning!

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you come to love pyrography!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I am a professional artist with hundreds of reproductions which many publishers sell on line. (Google me and you’ll see) ha ha Anyway, after almost 50 years creating oil paintings, I am now semi-retired and decided to try wood burning. I watched many different pyrograph artist and in my opinion you outshine them all. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know even us so called “famous people” love your work and we are never too old to learn. Thank you for your wonderful lessons. I know I will be learning much from them. (waiting for my “razor unit” to arrive any day now. Can’t wait to get started.

    1. Hi Danny,
      Switching from painting to pyrography is quite the change. I really hope that you’ll enjoy it. I love working in the medium. Though I will be honest and tell you that if I could paint even half as well as you, I probably wouldn’t do pyrography.

      Thank you so much for that amazingly wonderful compliment. Hope your burner comes in soon and that you have a lot of fun creating pyrography artwork!

  4. buenas, me comunico desde Perú, quiuero felicitarte por el gran aporte que no das a todos los principiantes de este mundo de la pirografia,

    1. Hi Joe,
      Hello to Peru. Thank you for your comment. I love pyrography and it is a lot of fun to share my work and meet others who enjoy the artform.

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