For Sale

Below are pictures of the artwork and patterns I have for sale.  

I do commission work – rates and contact information at bottom of this page.

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My Etsy store is:  PyrographyMadeEasy

Todd’s Etsy store is:   Chains Of Yore


This is a sample of Todd’s work.  He will do custom work, but please contact him through Etsy.





Clicking on a below image will take you to my Etsy listing for the item.   They are in order as I created them, so the top listings are my latest items.

pink flamingos
red cardinal back
Red cardinal front
Bison head
Brown Bear Tussle
Baby Opossum





Coyote standing alert
Lappet-Faced Vulture
Little Beggar House Sparrow


Lion Side View


Barn Owl 2












Ford Buick – 1937?
White Tailed Deer – Buck








Perched Hawk
Great Blue Heron











Barn Owl
Perched Golden Eagle















American Bison
Bighorn Sheep









Mexican Grey Wolf
Pronghorn Antelope








Rufus Hummingbird
Flying Hawk








































RATE = $35 USD / hour + shipping.   Most 8 x 10 inch (20.3 x 25.4cm) portraits take me between 8-12 hours to complete.   

WOOD = Basswood.   

TIME FRAME = 3 weeks MINIMUM + shipping time.

PAYMENT = Paypal (only).  You do not need a paypal account to use paypal. 


  • 1) Good resolution digital photo.  I cannot work with blurry photos.   

  • 2) What size you want the artwork to be.  

  • 3) Shipping address (State, City & Zip code) to provide a shipping estimate.     

Email me the above 3 items and allow a couple of days for me to respond as I am not on my computer every day.

Contact Email Address = 

SHIPPING = Depends on the size of the artwork.  I will provide an estimate of cost with my reply email.  I ship world-wide.  Foreign customers please note that import duties, customs fees, etc. are for your account and I will not declare the artwork as a gift.  

Artwork will be sealed/finished and ready for hanging on the wall with a sawtooth hanger.   Heavy larger works will have an eye hook and wire styled hanger.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – – please note that if I accept your commission, you are agreeing for me to put the resulting artwork on my website.  This may include displaying it on my gallery page and / or writing a blog about it.  You are also agreeing for me to publish a time-lapse video of the artwork on my YouTube account.