For Sale

Below are pictures of the artwork and patterns I have for sale.  

I do commission work.  The information for commissions is listed at the bottom of this page.

I now have a Fine Art America page for those who are interested in purchasing a print, towel, shirt, etc.:   


My Etsy store is:  PyrographyMadeEasy

Clicking on a pattern (below) will take you to my Etsy listing for the item.  

Help Support my website and purchase a pattern.  I will be adding more as time allows.










My rendition of the Cheetah (not for sale)
Cheetah Pattern for sale










American Bison
Bighorn Sheep










Grey Wolf Head
Pronghorn Antelope











Rufus Hummingbird
Flying Hawk










My rendition of the Lioness (not for sale)











Venison - black tail deer






RATE = $35 USD / hour + shipping.   Most 8 x 10 inch (20.3 x 25.4cm) people portraits take me between 8-12 hours to complete.   Animals are generally 5-6 hours to complete.

WOOD = Basswood.   

TIME FRAME = 3 weeks MINIMUM + shipping time.

PAYMENT = Paypal (only).  You do not need a paypal account to use paypal. 

Email ADDRESS =     

Email me the 3 items below and allow a couple of days for me to respond as I am not on my computer every day.


  • 1) Good resolution digital photo.  I cannot work with blurry photos.   

  • 2) What size you want the artwork to be.  

  • 3) Shipping address (State, City & Zip code) to provide a shipping estimate.  

SHIPPING = Depends on the size of the artwork.  I will provide an estimate of cost with my reply email.  I ship world-wide.  Foreign customers please note that import duties, customs fees, etc. are for your account and I will not declare the artwork as a gift.  

Artwork will be sealed and ready for hanging on the wall with a sawtooth hanger.   Heavy larger works will have an eye hook and wire styled hanger.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – – please note that if I accept your commission, you are agreeing for me to put the resulting artwork on my website.  This may include displaying it on my gallery page and / or writing a blog about it.  You are also agreeing for me to publish a time-lapse video of the artwork on my YouTube