Below are some photos of the pyrography art I’ve done.   At the bottom of the gallery are some pictures of artwork in other mediums.

Horse (6 25 2020)
Yawning Jaguar (5 2020)










Kestrel (4 2020)
Chipmunk (2 2020)
Mount Shuksan (1 29 2020)










Mexican Grey Wolf (12 2019)


Cougar (10 2019)
Chloe’s Rabbits (10 2019)
Raspberry Bandit (10 2019)













Mandarin Duck (7 2019)


Butterfly Book (6 2019)
Lioness (6 2019)







Little Beggar Sparrow (4 2019)


Northern Pygmy Owl (4 2019)
Cheetah (1 2018)


Nevsky Cathedral (12 2018)









Zinogre Render (10 2018)
Flowering Currant (9 2018)










Skyrim’s Dragonborn (8 2018)
Quail (8 2018)
Mustang Island on leather (8 2018)
White Crowned Sparrow (7 2018)


Bobcat (5 2018)



Snail (4 2018)






Crow (4 2018)
Purple Iris (2 2018)
Douglas Squirrel (2 2018)
Misty Marine (1 2018)



Purple House Finch (12 2017)
BBQ Chips ornament (11 2017)


Hummingbirds (11 2017)


Wolf on leather (11 2017)


Lion on leather (11 2017)


Matthew & Maggie (10 2017)
Tree Frog (9 2017)





Nuthatch (9 2017)






Scrub Jay (7 2017)










Jingle Bells (6 2017)






Lotus Goddess (6 2017)
Golden Eagle (6 2017)





Old Truck (3 2017)
Dragonfly (3 2017)
Christ of the Mines (2 2017)





Garden Thief (1 2017)


Christmas Candy Canes (12 2016)
Eagle Owl (12 2016)
Collared Lizard (11 2016)
Collared Lizard side view (11 2016)
Trout Lake (11 2016) burned on cribbage board
Vista House (10 2016)
Doves on a Wire (10 2016)















Baby Claire (9 2016)



Cedar Creek Grist Mill (9 2016)









Bald Eagle on gun stock (9 2016)
Cougar stalking deer on gun stock (9 2016)






Eurasian Hawk Owl (7 2016)
Skye (7 2016)


Yellow Lab puppy (6 2016)





























Pelican (5 2016)
Mandala Styled Flute (4 2016)
Bengal Tiger (3 2016)
Feather (2 2016)
Venison - black tail deer
Venison (1 2016)
Pyrography Pheasant
Pheasant (Oct 2015)
petunia flower water drop wood burning pyrography bmj
Petunia w/Water drops (9 2015)










Lab Puppies (4 2015)


Blacksmith (3 2015)




















cat and butterfly wood burning pyrography bmj
Paige drum front (1 2015)
cat wood burning pyrography bmj
Paige cat drum back (1 2015)
scrolling heart wood burning pyrography bmj
Heart Trinket box (12 2014)

















chipmunk wood burning pyrography bmj
Chipmunk (10 2014)
pheasant wood burning pyrography bmj
Pheasant (10 2014)










Zelda link wood burning pyrography bmj
Link character in Zelda game (9 2014)
Rufus Hummingbird (3 2016) – airbrush and colored pencil
Iguana artwork
Iguana (6 2014) – charcoal & graphite pencil
butterfly airbrush
Butterfly (7 2013) – airbrushed
































6 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hi! I’m very new at this kind of art and trying to learn one step at a time. I’m just curious about the dark background on your Skyrim’s Dragonborn and Venison, how did you achieve that? Did you also burn that part of the wood? Also, can pyrography be done on large pieces of wood, like long tables? Thank you very much in advance! 🙂
    -Celeste 🙂

    1. Hi Celeste,

      I burn the background with one of my large shader pen tips. I’ve tried using a mini torch, but I’m not good with it and burn areas I don’t intend or want. My method takes longer, but for me it’s safer. You can always paint dark backgrounds, but if you use paint it needs to be the very last thing you do. No more burning once color is added. Also use a spray on finish to make sure the paint doesn’t get smeared into the burned portions of the art.

      You can burn on tables, but….the table needs to be stripped of all finish. Never EVER burn over finish wood. The finish needs to be sanded away. Plus if the wood was stained the wood needs to be sanded until the stain is gone. It might be a lot of work to get it ready for burning. Make sure you wear a dust mask as you do not want to be breathing in wood and finish dust!
      One last thing. Be aware that some woods might be more irritating that others. It’s always best to check a toxicity chart to make sure you avoid those listed as toxic. A hobby is never worth risking your health. Here’s a link to a wood toxicity chart:


      1. Thank you so much, Brenda! 🙂 Appreciate you not only answering my questions but also providing more valuable insights and tips! I will definitely keep those in mind and keep revisiting your site for more! 🙂

        Thank very much!
        -celeste 🙂

  2. Hi, Brenda.

    I absolutely love your work and appreciate all the time and effort you put into your tutorials to help your followers learn the art of pyrography! I think the miniature oak barrel with the pheasant on it is my favorite piece so far. I wanted to try my hand at it, but cannot find an unfinished miniature barrel like yours anywhere, not even on the internet (they are already finished. Can you please tell me where you found yours? Thank you so much for all you do and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Toni,
      Thank you! I did the oak barrel on commission, so it was supplied to me by the person requesting the work. I’ll contact him and find out if he remembers where he got the barrel and let you know.

    2. Hi Toni,
      I heard back from the gentleman, and he said he gets the barrels from:
      Good luck with your project and send me a picture of it when you are done. I’d love to see it.

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