Simon Easton YEARN TO BURN book review

I was sent a copy of Simon Easton’s book, “Yearn To Burn” to review.  I have to admit that I had not heard of Simon Easton before, but his book was very interesting as it approached pyrography from a craft aspect.   This blog will cover my review of the book and the skill level for which I think the book was intended.

Full Disclosure:  But first, I need to provide a full disclosure.  I did not purchase the book and, other than the value of the book, I am not being paid for this review.  While I do provide a link to the book (below) on Amazon, I do not receive compensation of any sort from the sale of this book.

Amazon:  Yearn To Burn

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Simon Easton’s book is filled with a wide range of functional art projects.  All of the projects use basic burn strokes that I doubt very few, if any, would have problems creating.  Despite using basic burn strokes, Simon still creates some elaborate looking art.

For example, his mandala styled placemats and coaster set looks complex, but he breaks it down into easy steps.  Plus he shows you how to create your own unique design, but does provide the pattern if you want to use his.  What’s great with this project is that you end up with art that is both functional and beautiful.







One project I found to be very creative was his wooden bangle or bracelet.  Again, the burn design is basic, but he adds an exotic touch by incorporating gold foil.  It was a very novel idea and has me wondering about how to incorporate it into other projects.     





All of his projects use items from craft stores and then he transforms the items into works of art. 








Most of the projects require tools, but the tools are pretty basic and the projects look like they are fun to make.  Besides, who couldn’t use more tools. 🙂  The projects vary in complexity with a few being pretty involved like his Art Nouveau Wall Organizer.







The organizer needs a wood plaque, a wooden tray, metal coat hooks, and a few nameplates.  Simon then takes you through all of the needed steps to decorate and assemble the items together to create the organizer. 

Simon also presents a couple projects to make game boards: Reversi & Solitaire Marbles.  The games look like they would be fun to play and I think they would make great gifts.  Both games look to be suitable for children (8+ years).    



The solitaire marbles game has a base that you can place an LED battery light in to illuminate it, so it adds an extra element of being able to play it in the dark or low lighting.  Again, it’s something I think kids would enjoy.

One of my favorite projects is the Castle Kitchen Container.  It is a wonderfully whimsical way to transform a rather plain looking wooden container.  You’ll have to buy the book to see that project.


This is a great book for pyrography artists of ANY skill level who want to create functional or craft art.   The book has a lot of unique and very creative projects in it.


I think that this book is perfect for those who like to do crafts, or people who want to create something that looks nice but doesn’t require advanced pyrography skills.  A lot of the projects Simon explains would be wonderful to give as gifts or sell at Christmas bazaar type events.    The burn methods used are basic enough that I think anyone could do them using a soldering iron type of wood burner.

I was very impressed with some of the very creative projects that are in the book. I think after seeing Simon transform some very basic craft store items, like picture frames and leather sheets, into unique and functional art, it will spark your desire to try them.  Plus the next time you’re at the craft store, you might look at the items in a whole new light.

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Sep 6, 2019

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2 thoughts on “Simon Easton YEARN TO BURN book review

    1. Hi Loni,
      This book was a very pleasant surprise to me. I was very impressed with how creative the projects were, and the fact that nothing was overly complicated.
      I hope that if you do buy it you’ll be pleasantly surprised too.

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